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Academic Design

An academically rigorous school with a focus on international international language immersion and diversity.

Language Immersion

Baltimore International Academy West (BIA West) is a replication school of the original BIA (now identified as BIA East), which was Baltimore City's first international language immersion school. In contrast to most other existing international schools, BIA West is a public school that is available to all of Baltimore City's students. Beyond the international emphasis, the philosophy of the BIA West is to use innovative (in Baltimore) yet proven teaching and learning methods to improve student learning and to expand school choice for students in the City of Baltimore.



Theoretically, the curriculum in language immersion programs is the same as the state and district curriculum. As such, Baltimore International Academy follows the same curriculum as other Baltimore City Schools which in turn is aligned to the Maryland State Curriculum. The difference, however, is in the delivery of the curriculum. At BIA West, students study mathematics, science, social studies , reading and language arts through the medium of French, Mandarin Chinese, or Spanish.

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